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Corrugated Roll Forming Machine 900,Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine 900


Corrugated Roll Forming Machine 900,Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine 900

Detailed Product Description

Product Description

Nice appearence 
Easy control 
High efficiency 
Good quality 
Low noise 

We are a professional manufacturer in the field of designing and making roll forming machine and automatic production lines. 

Our roof/wall forming machine: 

Cover width 900(mm) 
Coil width 1000(mm) 
Wave height 10(mm) 
Wave length 150(mm) 
Usage Roof and wall 

Main technical parameters: 

1. Passive leak: Manual up tight, passive leak 
2. Leak rack load: 4T 
3. Rack: The 250 channel steel welding 
4. Forming Machine-driven feeding frame Type: Side roller 
5. Forming Machine Type: Wall-type chain drive 

6. Shaft Diameter: 70 mm 
7. Chain: 0.6-inch single-row 
8. Forming Motor Power: 3K reducer 
9. Forming Machine speed: 10m/min 
10. Forming Machine Road Number: 9 

11. Roll Material: High quality steel Duan playing pieces 
12. Hydraulic station motor: 3kw 
13. Hydraulic Pump Station: Gear pump 
14. Cutting method: Hydraulic shear 
15. Scissors film forming material: Cr12 

16. Shearing blade Heat treatment: HRC58 ° -60 ° 
17. Rolling thickness: 0.3-0.8 mm 
18. Material Expand Width: 1000mm 
19. Length Length Accuracy: ± 2mm 
20. The computer use of PLC, Taiwan Delta 
21. Computer Operator 

Equipment manufacturing cycle: 3 days


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