Quality control starts from the very beginning raw materials.

Sustainable development bases on continuous skill training of our staff.

Progress control lets go of no detail.

We take it our responsibility to improve quality durability, security and stability.

It is part of our all-around quality service to assure scientific storage and transportation.

JCX is committed to meeting customer expectations and providing quality products and services
at a competitive price. In support of this commitment, JCX promises to:

Encourage quality awareness and quality performance in all associates at all levels of the Company through management leadership.

Promote the participation of all associates in making individual contributions to the quality improvement process.

Develop relationships with suppliers who consistently demonstrate their ability to fulfill quality, price and delivery objectives
that are mutually beneficial.

Build quality into our products and services, striving for zero defects in everything we do, thereby reducing cost and increasing
total customer satisfaction.

ISO Certifications>

attain ISO 9001 certification.