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Polystyrene Sandwich Panel For Wall & Roofing

Polystyrene Sandwich Panel For Wall & Roofing

Polystyrene Sandwich Panel For Wall & Roofing

 Polystyrene Sandwich Panel For Wall & Roofing

Polystyrene Sandwich Plate For Wall & Roofing
Product Introduce 
Polystyrene Sandwich Panel also called EPS Sandwich Panel,the up & down surface of this panel is Galvanized & pre-painted steel sheets, core material is Polystyrene, it is formed by laminating and pressing with 2 components PU glue.  
Products Feature
1. Light weight enough to reduce building expenses.
2. Time can be saved on a building project due to the simple installation. Roll former |
3. Both polyester cores of the panels are fire proof and meet the relevant standards completely.
4. Good durability with special coating, the warranty of the color coated steel is 10-15years, lifeSpan of the panels can be up to 35 years with spary-painting antirust on the steel sheet  every 10 years.
5. Wide range of material for your choice: rock wool, polysteyene and polyurethane etc. These material have low heat coefficient and excellent for hot or cold temperature insulation.
6. Good sound insulation for up to 40-50 decibels.
7. The press steel sheet has clear edges and panels are available in various colors. They meet the requirements for different styles of building materials and are beautiful and elegant.
8. Ideal for special designs because they are easy to form and cut.  Forming machine
The sandwich panel is featured with temperature keeping, hot & sound insulation, anti water and fire resistant.Our products is light, waterproof, air adoption, beautiful, color and endurable, faster installation, widely usage and excellent performance in fire proofing. Non-poisonous and fire proof, sound insulation and heat insulation, anti corrosive, wind resistance, good durability.
Scope of Application
The color sandwich steel plate is mainly suitable for purification workshop, temporary office, gymnasia, villa, mobile building, guard booth etc. It is widely used as the wall or roof for cold storage, industrial workshop, public building etc.
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